If you’re interested in working with John and his team, then you’ve come to the right place!

Unlike most business coaches and marketing consultants, John has actually owned and run successful businesses online and offline. He doesn’t advise based on theory. He focuses on proven strategies that will generate results for your business. In other words, he practices what he preaches.

Through his blog, book, courses, international speaking engagements, and 10 years of consulting, John is a recognized authority of branding and marketing.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you are in the marketing business. You must create visibility for your business and position in properly in the marketplace.

The business world is more different today than ever before and you need strong marketing and systems that will allow you to thrive in today’s over-crowded marketplace.

Ask yourself this…

– Are you seen as a leading authority in your field?
– Do you have a database of clients and prospects you can build relationships with & market to?
– Do you have a steady flow of new leads?
– Are you selling based on value instead of price?
– Can you name your top two sources of new business off the top of your head?
– Can you calculate what it costs you to get a new customer?

Working with John will give you a step-by-step plan to market your business effectively.

John has worked with businesses in hundreds of different industries. His clients have ranged from brands as large as Disney, to solo-entrepreneurs who are launching their start-up. Just imagine what will be possible for your business once you implement just a few of the strategies John knows and uses himself…with his own money and time.

John hasn’t just read a couple of books or bought a business coaching certification program like so many others out there. He is an entrepreneur and business owner himself, just like you.

Here are a few way to work with John…

  • Elite Coaching Program: Join a group of entrepreneurs from all across the world and get coaching calls, training videos, and priority access to special products and events.
  • Private one-on-one Consulting: Work with John one-on-one via Skype and email on an on-going basis.
  • Workshops: Have John do a workshop for your company or group. (Full and 1/2 day options are available)
  • Keynote Speaking: Have John come speak at your event! (Additional details on the Speaking page)
  • Brand Audit: A full audit of your marketing, websites, social media, and content. You get a detailed report with actionable steps to improve your business.
    *Many times there is a waiting list to join the Elite Coaching Program or high-level consulting. Enter your info below for current availability.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    “John has laser vision when it comes to brand development. John’s genius lays in his ability to identify brand hooks that are remarkable and memorable. I have always been amazed at John’s ability to see branding opportunities that increase his client’s bottom line without fail. John is a student and teacher of great branding. His ability to leverage brand equity and pinpoint opportunities has helped his clients increase their bottom line exponentially.” – Perry Lawrence, Mr Video at

    “John Morgan a leading authority on branding. John’s depth of knowledge and practical takeaways are both compelling and exciting. You can take action immediately on John’s advice. He explains things in a way that is relatable but at the same time, takes everyone listening to a higher level of understanding. He’s my go-to-guy on all things branding.” – Erin Blaskie

    “John Morgan is absolutely one of the most genuine, spot on branding strategists I have the pleasure of working with. He knows how to simply turn a person or a company into living a brand that speaks their message clearly and authentically…all while having fun and enjoying the ride. John has a unique ability to create a brand with you that feels unique, completely you, and brings you the clients you can’t wait to serve!” – Maruxa Murphy, Marketing and Business Coach

    “John Morgan is a branding powerhouse. He has a knack to cut through the noise to get a brand to BURST into the marketplace. I can’t count how many thousands of dollars he’s saved me with sage advice and more important the thousands of dollars his advice has made me!” – Spencer Shaw, Serial Entrepreneur

    “Branding is one of those things that if its done wrong it can kill your business before it even gets off the ground BUT if you do it the right way, the way John teaches, you can multiply your customer base, resonate more deeply with those customers, and have the successful business you envision.” -Kyle Battis, Internet Entrepreneur

    “John Morgan has forgotten more about business branding then most have ever known. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him. He has the unique ability to deliver and teach branding in a fun and entertaining way.” – Josh Hinds

    “When John Morgan speaks, I listen intently. If your goal is to build a lasting and powerful brand, this book will teach you how to navigate the murky waters of branding. Few people understand what makes a brand successful. John not only understands what others don’t, but he shares actionable strategies that will have an immediate impact on your business. I know this because I’ve seen it first hand in my own company.” – Travis Robertson, Peak Performance Coach and Entrepreneur, Owner of Don’t Settle Media

    “John Morgan’s branding strategies and advice are both incredibly powerful and yet infinitely practical. Before I started working with John, I knew who I wanted to connect with, but I didn’t know how to position myself and my services in a way that stood out and attracted my ideal clients to me. After John’s coaching, I knew specifically who I was targeting, how to reach them, what to say to them, and how to position myself as the perfect person to serve their needs. John is the most honest, non-salesy, clever, and down-to-earth branding expert I have ever met, and I working with him was one of the best investments I have made in my consulting business.” – Kendra D. Brodin, Legal Career and Professional Development Consultant

    “John Morgan is not only an authority on branding, but a genius at helping you discover your own unique voice. He is masterful at establishing credibility and fun to your marketing efforts. Without a doubt, John is an expert at helping entrepreneurs breathe life into their brand and their business. Every time I have contact with John, I never fail to be impressed at his marketing acumen and savvy.” – Danielle Miller

    “John Morgan will push your boundaries. With John’s strategies I have gone from an unemployed website salesman to a business thought leader in my niche. John has helped shape the way I look at business.” – Jason Elkins, Transparent Media

    “John is one of those rare people who proves what he preaches. His critical insights on branding aren’t for everyone. But those who want their business to thrive, can’t afford to miss him.” – Joel Widmer, Fluxe Digital Marketing

    “John Morgan is a cup of pure awesome. He’s got more branding know-how in his pinkie than most agencies have in their entire team. His ideas and recommendations are a great combination of wisdom, humor and heart. You’re business will be wildly impacted by implementing his suggestions and strategies! I know mine has been!” – Mitch Matthews, Founder of The Big Dream Gathering

    “Building my personal brand has been one of the most/if not the most important business decision I’ve ever made. As a result of the strategies I’ve learned from my good friend John, I’ve been been positioned by every major media outlet in my local area as the go-to expert in my market. Now I’ve gotta platform where I can make a huge impact in my local city and give back.” – Alejandro Reyes, Blogger and Speaker

    “Swiping a Morgan-ism; if visibility gets you in the door and credibility keeps you there – John is well and truly cemented inside the house of personal branding.” – James Reynolds, Internet Entrepreneur

    “John takes marketing know-how, trims off all the fat and serves it up to you in easy-to-follow bite sized pieces.” – Danny Griffin, Real Estate Coach

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