There’s something you need to know if you want to achieve success. It has nothing to do with what skills you must learn, the education you may need, or the resources you have to tap into.

If you want success you need to know what you’re willing to give up to achieve it.

For most, success means adding something to your life. Whether that is happiness, a soul mate, a new job, or more money. It’s all about addition. The reality is that if you want to add something to your life that represents success, then something has to give.

You’ve been taught that success isn’t easy but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s a lot easier than we build it up to be. One thing about success that is without a doubt completely true is that it is never convenient.

That’s why you must be willing to sacrifice and give up comfort and convenience in order to achieve success.

What do you have to give up? That’s on you to decide. You may have to give up hanging out with a group of friends who drag you down rather than lift you up. You may have to give up TV in order to have the time to read, study, and perfect your craft. You may have to give up sleep. You may have to give up peace of mind in exchange for a life of risk and reward.

One of the most important things you’ll have to give up is your old way of thinking. If you want to achieve success in an area of your life, then you’ll have to change what you currently believe about yourself especially if your current belief system is holding you back.

Chances are you’ve become comfortable with your life and business. Comfort is an easy thing to slip into without realizing it. The more comfortable you become, the less open-minded you are. A closed mind is a recipe for failure.

Many times I’ve heard people say that they can’t give up X or that they couldn’t live without Y. They say that it’s unreasonable to do so. They’re exactly right and that’s why…

You have to become unreasonable.

Since when has success ever favored those who are reasonable? Living a comfortable and convenient life creates resistance to success. For example, it’s hard to take action on a new idea if that idea takes you out of your comfort zone.

It’s hard to pursue new sales, create something new, or go out of your way to help your audience, when it’s not convenient. That’s why you have to decide today what you’re willing to give up.

It’s against our nature to give something up. You fight harder to keep from losing something than you fight to create something. Now’s the time to break that pattern.

Everyone who’s achieved success has given something up. They’ve lost temporary comfort to gain permanent success. What are you willing to give up so that you can make way for your dreams?