Success Test

Brace yourself. Distractions and interruptions are coming and they don’t care about your ambition or goals. Right now, as you read this more emails, texts, notifications, and “emergencies” are getting ready to test you.

How well you handle distractions will greatly determine how successful you will be.

Anyone and everyone, anything and everything, will get in your way. You must be able to effectively minimize and remove distractions and interruptions.

Take a moment and think about how many hours a week you watch TV. How many minutes (or hours!) you spend each day on the internet doing things that aren’t work related. Youtube, news, social media, email, phone, and so on are all weapons of mass procrastination.

Some things distract you without you realizing it because allowing it to happen is a habit for you. Heck, we often seek out distractions as a way of procrastinating. It’s easy to justify seeking distractions.

For example, if you work in the fitness industry, you may find that reading industry news is a justified distraction. While keeping up with what’s happening in your industry is a good thing, it’s not when you’re delaying tasks that need your attention.

I hope you reading this has to do with your desire to improve and grow, and not because this is a distraction from something else. 🙂

You may be on a path to great achievement. How much you achieve will depend on your discipline when it comes to distractions.

It takes incredible discipline but the good news is you can start small. You CAN check email, respond to texts, and watch TV on YOUR terms.

Here’s how to easily start removing distractions:

Start your day with a plan. What are you determined to achieve today. Be specific and don’t leave yourself time for distractions.

Turn off anything you don’t need for the task at hand. If you’re working on writing a blog post, then you don’t need your phone sitting at your side waiting to interrupt you. You don’t need your inbox open, just one tab over on your browser. The temptation is too great.

Each time you’re distracted make a note of it. At the end of this week, you’ll identify the most common ones you need to eliminate. You’ll find the 80/20 rule at work here. When I did this, I found that 80% of my distractions came from the same few people and channels. That made it easy for me to create new communication processes.

Simply being aware of when and what is distracting you, is a huge step in the right direction. But don’t stop there. You will continue to be tested throughout your journey to success.

Take control of your attention and schedule. Instead of spending the day putting out fires, spend the day starting them.