Can you look back and say you’ve seized every opportunity that has ever presented itself before you? I’ve yet to meet anyone who can say that they have, and I’m willing to bet you haven’t either.

Is it that you missed the opportunities altogether or that you knew they were there, but couldn’t take advantage of them at the moment?

Either way, the result is the same. Your big chance has moved on.

Naturally you want to be prepared to capitalize on an opportunity when it presents itself. Better yet, you want to be able to make your own opportunities.

What Does Opportunity Look Like?

  • It’s different for everyone and for every season. Opportunity covers a wide area. What is an opportunity for one person, could be a distraction for you. You must define what opportunity looks like to you. You won’t find it if you’re not looking for it.

  • You are opportunity. It’s up to YOU to be prepared and pursue them. Most people wait for opportunity to show up and then get upset when it does because they aren’t ready. You are in charge of creating your own chances. Put yourself in a position to say yes.

  • Opportunities are present throughout the day, every day. You have the chance and choice every day to not think negative thoughts, rise above gossip, to help and be kind to others. If you’re not ready, you’ll screw it up.

    Your greatest chance of success is today and how you spend it.

    The opportunities you missed in the past are gone. Don’t stress about them. Also, don’t have anxiety about missing future ones. Doing nothing but waiting with the thought that an opportunity will magically rescue you is setting yourself up for major disappointment.

    Why Do Some See Opportunity Where Others See None?

  • Every crisis and setback is the chance to create an opportunity. Not just a chance to learn from the experience, but the chance to create something new and improved. Some of the greatest ideas were born during a crisis. Look at the Great Depression era. Many multi-millionaires and billionaires were created during a time of severe crisis. They saw the opportunity and went for it.

  • Be open to them. If you’re not awake and alert to the possibilities around you, then you will never be able to take advantage of them. Live in the moment.

  • Avoid “lucky” thinking. Open your eyes. You haven’t missed your chance. Opportunities don’t go to the chosen “lucky” ones. Don’t think “who am I to do ____?”. Who are you not to? You may very well be blocking opportunities by thinking that you aren’t lucky enough to get the big break.

  • Why are you saying no? Is it a valid reason you’re rejecting an opportunity or is it because you are afraid? Some people say no to great chances in life and business because deep down they don’t believe they deserve it. It’s absolutely okay to say no to an opportunity. Just make sure you’re saying no for the right reasons.

  • Not all opportunities are created equal. We’ve had the fear of God put in us about missing opportunities. Just because something is an opportunity doesn’t mean it’s not a distraction.

    Whenever I am writing a book, I have to keep in mind that while that’s a great opportunity, it takes time and attention away from other areas of my business.

    It’s okay to say no. We so often fear missing opportunities that we end up in a constant state of chasing the next best thing. There’s not a limited number of chances that you’ll run out of. This is a hard lesson to learn but when you do, your life will be different.

    Finally, don’t beat yourself up when you missed a great opportunity. So you missed one. Big deal. Keep moving forward. My friend Gary Vaynerchuk recently told me about how he missed the chance to invest $25,000 in a new company. Had he done so that $25,000 investment would now be worth $300 million. Ouch.

    Dust yourself off and keep going.

    Most importantly, reject the passive approach of waiting for opportunity to knock. Instead, be prepared to create and seize opportunity yourself.