It’s a noisy world that is becoming increasingly hard to stand out. You’re probably reading this because you want to stand out or get your business noticed. Well, do you know who else is desperately looking to stand out?

Your audience.

Your customers, prospects, email subscribers, social media following, and neighbors are all seeking recognition. They feel like they are a drop in the ocean that is likely to never get noticed. When you show interest in someone, they become a fan for life.

There is no greater compliment than giving someone your un-divided attention when they seek it.

Being a good listener is more important than being a good communicator. In business, you spend a lot of time trying to get your message out there but do you ever stop and see what message is coming back at you?

Recently, I was talking to a salesman about purchasing a new dryer. He was constantly looking in another direction, interrupting me while I was talking, and fidgeting with his clipboard. Needless to say I did not give him my business.

After visiting another store I came across a salesman who very interested in me. After explaining to him that my previous dryer had caught fire, he contacted his manager to arrange immediate delivery of my new dryer. He asked me questions, he listened, and he even gave me his business card to call him if there was any problem with the delivery of my new dryer or the function of it.

He showed that he cared.

When you lack interest in someone, you’re missing out on learning a ton about them and your market. Showing interest in others has benefits far greater than just serving them. You get insights into their personality, needs, wants, and as a result you can better serve them.

Too many businesses are out of touch with their audience. Too many people aren’t showing genuine interest in their audience and customers. Those who make it a habit to do so will receive massive benefits and success.

The other day I received a tweet from someone who was a fan of my book. I thanked him for his compliment but then asked him what he did. First off, I discovered he has big goals and is truly serving people in a great way. The more we exchanged a few tweets, the more I felt like I knew him and the more I could identify with him. If you don’t see how this kind of experience can make you better at communicating with your audience then you’re not paying attention.

You can increase sales without having to say a word. Show interest in people. Every single person on your email list, following you on twitter, friends with you on Facebook or wherever are a privilege. They don’t have to pay attention to you.

Everyone wants recognition. Your audience is no different.

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