During an annual checkup with my doctor he said “I’d say 90% of the patients I see have problems that are actually caused from stress and worry“. He went on to say that this is certainly the case with business owners.

Anxiety, stress, worry, whatever you want to call it…is serious.

I recall reading an article once from the 1940’s that said if they could eliminate anxiety it would free up half of the hospital rooms. I imagine that’s the same today if not more. Eliminating anxiety completely isn’t possible. However, managing and conquering it is.

When you worry about tomorrow, you take your eyes off today.

In 1871, Thomas Carlyle said “Our main business is not to SEE what lies dimly at a distance, but to DO what lies clearly at hand.

Those are powerful words that you should let sink in for a minute.

Worrying about what might happen in the future can cripple your progress today. You must be alert and present in the moment. What you do today can change your tomorrow. Focus on what you can control.

Stop worrying about what might happen tomorrow and put all of your enthusiasm on being productive today.

Does this mean you shouldn’t prepare for the future? Of course not. You should always plan and be prepared for what’s to come. Just don’t allow the anxiety over what’s to come prevent you from living great today.

When faced with an issue that’s causing you worry & anxiety here’s what to do:

Step 1: Break It Down

What’s the real problem? Get all of the facts. Be specific. Don’t make it worse or better than it really is. Successful people deal with the realities of a situation.

Step 2: What’s Causing The Problem?

Get to the root cause. Too many people worry about a problem without really understanding the conditions of it.

Step 3: Make A List Of Solutions

What are all of the possible ways to solve this? Anxiety disappears when you have a list of ways to attack the problem.

Step 4: Decide On The Best Solution

After knowing your options for getting past the problem, come to a decision on the best solution. Then start acting on that solution. Now that you know what to do, go to work.

Anxiety and worry can hurt your business and your health. Don’t allow that to happen. Spend less time worrying about tomorrow and more time acting on today.

Photo Credit: Sundari