You fight tooth and nail to build your audience. Yet in many cases they give attention but not their focus. They’re aware of you, but they aren’t connected to you.

It’s not your fault. For years you’ve been taught to “add value” by creating content as much as you can. When those results start leveling off, those same people tell you to create better content.

Great content is a must, there’s no arguing with that. But stopping there creates a problem.

Content doesn’t equal connection.

You know those people who’s audience hangs on every word they speak or write? Well you can be one of those people as well. But there’s a few things you’re going to have to do.

1. Recognition – Everyone wants this from you. When you have the chance to praise someone, do it.

2. Service – Do things for your audience that aren’t tied into what you’re selling or promoting at the time. It’s okay to add value to their lives and business without you including a sales offer at the end of it.

3. Attention – One of the most under-rated skills of communication is the ability to listen. Open up your mind and heart. Listen to what their problems are. Find out what solutions they’re searching for regularly. When your audience is talking, you must listen.

4. Inspiration – No one is immune to the feeling of being inspired. We all love to feel inspired at some point. Your audience is no different. You may not think you’re inspirational, but don’t underestimate yourself.

5. Empathy – Put yourself in your audiences shoes. Consider their situation, fears, and struggles. It will give you great insight into how you can better serve them.

6. Concede – There’s an immense amount of pressure to be perfect at all times. You must always know what to say, what the next step is, and how to handle any situation. Of course this is impossible. Be humble and admit when you’re wrong. Your audience will not only love it, they deserve it. You’re not always right.

7. Presence – Your audience deserves you to be there. I understand not everyone likes to attend events, respond to emails, or even respond to social media chatter. But you can’t maintain an audience by ignoring them.

8. Gratitude – Let’s get real here…no one has to follow you. No one has to read your blog. Be thankful for each person who gives you their attention. It’s a privilege. Never pass on a moment to say “Thank You” and never fail it to mean it.

Your audience wants your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. When they like the content you create they end up craving something more. They care about you and want/expect you to care about them.

These 8 things are gifts you can give your audience. They’ll not only thank you for it, but they’ll love you.

Now get going.