I am guilty. I’ve fallen victim to every one of the traps listed below. More than once. As an entrepreneur, you are typically focused on everything you need to be doing. You rarely stop to look at the things you need to stop doing.

Habits and behaviors that are holding you back without you even realizing it because you’re too busy looking forward to see where you are.

Working with entrepreneurs for as long as I have, I’ve noticed patterns. Specifically, 7 all too common things that are holding entrepreneurs back. Entrepreneurs like you.

Take a moment and read through this list. Ask yourself which of these you need to stop doing right away.

  1. Stop Caring What Others Think

    Everyone wants to be liked. But to think that everyone will like you is foolish and not realistic. Not everyone is a buyer for your product/service. Not everyone will understand or like your ideas. Not everyone will want to follow your lead. Achievers seek results, not approval. Stop chasing “likes”.

  2. Stop Putting Things Off Until Tomorrow

    It’s easy to roll items on your to-do list over to the next day. Heck, there are apps designed to do this with a single swipe of your finger. The problem, of course, is that tomorrow comes with its own set of to-do’s. Achievers have a sense of urgency with their work. The most successful entrepreneurs move fast.

  3. Stop Delegating ResponsibilityThings every entrepreneur needs to stop doing

    This trips up even the best of leaders. You hire someone or build a team to assist you with specific tasks. Great! But that doesn’t mean you’re done. The end-result is still on you. Achievers delegate the task but not the responsibility.

  4. Stop Blaming Lack Of Time On Your Lack Of Results

    I’ve never met an entrepreneur who would say they aren’t busy. We’re all busy. But time and the lack of it isn’t your issue. You have the same amount of time in a year, month, and day as everyone else. Your issue is priorities. Your time management problem is actually a priority management problem.

  5. Stop Being Overly Attached To Your Ideas

    As an entrepreneur, your ideas are likely what excites and motivates you. That initial spark of an idea has what placed you on the entrepreneurial path to begin with. But ideas are rarely a home run on the first swing. Be prepared for your ideas to change and adapt. Don’t resist it.

    There’s a great book titled Getting To Plan B that is full of examples of companies that adapted from their original idea. Did you know Google refused to take advertising dollars in the beginning because advertising was “evil”? Plan B has worked out for them 🙂

  6. Stop Thinking You Can Do It Alone

    You’re an entrepreneur, not a super-hero. You’ll need to continue to educate yourself, build relationships that can help you, and use the right tools in your business. No one has ever reached great heights of success and said: “I did it all by myself”.

  7. Stop Taking Advice From Those Who Haven’t Walked The Path You’re On

    Okay, I’ll admit, this one gets under my skin the most. Way too often I see entrepreneurs taking advice from people who’ve never owned their own business. You wouldn’t take financial advice from a homeless person so why take business advice from someone who’s never owned their own business? It doesn’t make sense.

Now, understand that there are more things that might be holding you back. Self-awareness is a critical skill you should develop. These 7 are a great place to start. Improvement in any of these areas will initiate an increase in your success.