Would you like to see bigger and better results from your business in a few short weeks?

Let me tell you how:

Your success has more to do with you than the economy or market conditions. It’s more about you than supply/demand, price, or great ideas. Success can be yours if you get out of your own way long enough to achieve it.

The world is full of smart, capable entrepreneurs who never experience permanent success because they sabotage themselves on a regular basis. The scary is part is that you’re not usually aware that you are sabotaging yourself. There are six key ways you may be killing your chances for success.

If you don’t get these areas under control it will certainly lead to the demise of your business.

#1: No Focus.

You can be all over the place. Too many entrepreneurs jump from opportunity to opportunity without having any form of plan or purpose.

#2: Allowing Interruptions & Distractions

Every time you allow someone or something to interrupt or distract you, you are putting your success on hold. It’s hard to build a successful business when you’re slow to finish tasks and projects because you’re constantly being distracted.

#3: Poor Environment

Who you hang out with and associate with matters so choose wisely. Do the people in your life move you closer to your goals? You’ve heard that your income is always close to that of your 5 closest friends. The wrong crowd will bring you down and hold you back.

#4: No Systems

Every successful business sits on a foundation of strong systems and processes. In order to grow your business to high performance levels, you MUST create solid systems. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up to fail by having a business full of inconsistencies.

#5: Lack Of Discipline

Do you keep a strong schedule? Discipline is essential to hitting deadlines and finishing tasks on time. A consistent lack of discipline can be a major factor in sabotaging your success. It takes discipline to execute good ideas.


#6: Absence Of Confidence

When self-doubt creeps in, you’re not as effective executing tasks and strategies that are proven to work. Nothing will sabotage your success more than a lack of belief in yourself. I’ve personally struggled with this and as a result I was considerably unsuccessful (that’s fancy talk for broke). You must work on your confidence and never stop. It’s not about having an ego…it’s about believing in yourself.

As I said, you can be sabotaging your success without knowing it. You can work hard and follow proven models and strategies but still come up short. If you feel like this describes you then take a close look at each of these areas.

The good news is that small improvements in each of these areas leads to big results.

Photo by screenpunk