Word of mouth marketing is the holy grail of marketing methods. The best brands in the world are the ones that have a large (and high quality) amount of people talking about what they do. So the question begs to be asked, is anyone talking about your business?

Here’s just a few reasons why they may not be…

– It sucks.
No distinction between you and your competition.
– It’s so exclusive they want to keep it to themselves.
Doing business with you the first time wasn’t amazing.
– Doing business with you isn’t a fun experience.
Doing business with you isn’t a rewarding experience.
– They’re embarrassed they like it.
It’s boring.
– You don’t make it easy to do so.
There’s nothing in it for them.
– Your product/service doesn’t live up to it’s promise
They don’t trust you.
– They don’t believe you.
They don’t believe in you.
– They don’t know you exist.
Their friends aren’t talking about it.
– It doesn’t make them cooler if they share it with someone.
It doesn’t make them more helpful if they share it with someone.
– You’ve moved on to the next customer, so they’ve forgotten about you.
You haven’t asked them.

There are many reasons why people aren’t talking about your brand, your products, your content, or you. Have you taken the time to evaluate any of them?

Photo Credit: Me with tape over my mouth.