You live in a time when it’s easier to access information and gain knowledge than ever before in history. Examples of how businesses succeed and fail are everywhere you look. Entrepreneurial leaders are out in the open to be seen and their habits are easily monitored.

This information is no longer hidden in old books or only passed down from earlier generations.

So why aren’t more people successful?

For generations you’ve been conditioned that success is hard and that you’re missing some critical information needed to succeed. The reality is that you’re not missing anything. You make success hard because if you believe it’s easy then your excuses for not achieving it will no longer be valid.

You put the successful on pedestals. Thinking they have a secret or advantage that you do not. While they succeed, you wait for that one thing you’re “missing” that’s holding you back.

The truth is that they don’t know anything that you do not. They have no special advantage over you. They just have the guts to act despite their ignorance.

There are a LOT of factors that come into play regarding success and what it takes to become successful. But make no mistake about it…success is hard because you make it hard.

There’s more than a million ways to succeed. But you don’t want to accept that. You want to make it hard to justify your struggle. Imagine if for just a week you ignored what you lacked and focused instead on what you’ve got?

Imagine if for just a week you didn’t look at success as a mountain you have to climb but instead as an exciting journey that’s easier than ever before.

What would your business start to look like then?

There’s only one way to find out…

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