Everyone has bad habits. Some more than others, but everyone has them. One of the more surprising habits I see that is keeping people from success is the habit of expecting things to go wrong.

Too many entrepreneurs fall victim to what I call the Reverse Placebo Effect. A placebo is harmless medicine that works for the patient because the patient expects it work.

The Reverse Placebo Effect occurs when you expect to fail. Too many entrepreneurs focus on the reasons something won’t work rather than focusing on the reasons it will. The reason these expectations are detrimental is because if you think something won’t work then you won’t take the necessary actions to try.

When you have serious doubts about whether something will work, it shows in your efforts. You don’t try as hard. Simply expecting success doesn’t guarantee it’s achievement. Action is essential. However, if you don’t expect success, you’ll limit the actions required of you to achieve it.

Few people have achieved success while doubting they could do it. There is power within intent. You can’t go into the game expecting to lose.

Instead of going into something with large doubts, go into it with the intent of success…

– Start expecting the sale.
– Start expecting them to say yes.
– Start expecting results.
– Start expecting it to work.

Let me be very clear that I’m not talking about the Law Of Attraction or wishful thinking. By expecting results you’re setting yourself up for success. Then comes massive action.

You must create marketing and systems that support your expectations. People can get a feel for your intentions. I once spoke with a friend prior to him going into a sales presentation. His words to me when I wished him luck was “don’t get your hopes up, I probably won’t get it.” He was right.

WARNING: If you’re making excuses before you begin something it’s a sign that you are expecting to lose.

Pay attention to how you think & feel about something. That great idea you have will never work if you have doubts about it’s success. You won’t pour your blood, sweat, and tears into something unless you have the expectation you’ll achieve your desired result.

You deserve success. You should expect it.

Photo by ttimelordd