Is it possible that there’s a bad time to increase sales? I’m not talking about a specific time of day or a particular season during the year. Increasing your sales anytime is always a good thing but there is a time when the odds are stacked against you.

The worst time to increase sales is when you are desperate.

At first glance this sounds like the exact opposite of what you know to be true. But when you look a bit deeper you’ll see why it’s so difficult to increase sales during rough times.

– Prospects can smell desperation. When you’re back is against the wall, you can come across as being too “pushy” and turn off potential customers. People like to do business with successful people and successful companies. They can see through it when you’re not.

– You’re more likely to cut prices when times are tough. Reducing your prices is no way to crawl out of a whole. You’ll end up doing the same amount of work you always do but for a lot less. You’ll also be winning a customer for all of the wrong reasons. If you win a customer on price, you’ll eventually lose them on price.

The best time to increase sales is when don’t need them. You can capitalize on the momentum you’ve created. Also….

– You have the money to test more aggressively when times are good.
– You can afford to invest more in marketing.
– You have more people who can send you referrals.

The challenge most business owners face is that when sales are good, you relax. When things slow down, you feel the pressure and start to work overtime to increase your sales.

Don’t wait until you’re desperate to start selling!

You never want to be selling from your heals. Sell with confidence. Your prospects are attracted to it and you won’t put as much pressure on the outcome of a presentation or sales pitch.

When things are going well for you, increase the heat.