John is the leading authority on personal branding, a consultant, marketer, blogger, and horrible golfer. He’s an engaging and in-demand speaker who keeps audiences interested and entertained by combining humor and actionable advice.

John is an energetic and visual speaker. He doesn’t use slides filled with boring bullet points that make your audience want to drive off a cliff. You don’t get canned presentations with John. Sure, he can speak on a topic he’s done before but he customizes his topic for each event. He’ll customize his presentation for your industry & audience making sure people walk away feeling like it was relevant for them.

John Morgan, Author of Brand Against The Machine from John Morgan on Vimeo.

“John grabbed our audience with his straight shooting style, kept them engaged with his highly entertaining delivery, and wowed them with his material. If you want a high energy speaker who delivers amazing content, John is your guy!”
~Dr. Mollie Marti
Founder, Make an Impact conference

John has delivered keynote speeches to thousands, lead interactive discussions with small groups, and been on panels full of people with huge egos. Whatever your needs are, he can meet. Unlike many speakers who only show up for their moment in the spotlight, John likes to actually meet people & engage with your audience. He’s super approachable (especially if someone buys him a Starbucks) and likes to spend time getting to know the audience.

John will speak on whatever topic you’d like but his most requested are all things related to branding, building an audience of raving fans, standing out from the competition, and marketing your business in a way that doesn’t suck.

“When it comes to speaking about the impact that digital media has had on branding, there’s no one better for your next event than John Morgan. He balances informative content and practical tips with humor and an energetic style — leaving the audience excited and engaged. I highly recommend John Morgan. He’s a ‘closer’ who will ‘bring it’ to your event as he did to ours.” – Nick Westergaard, organizer of the Social Brand Forum

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