Are you trying to persuade people to purchase your product or service?

Great brands and great leaders don’t rely on persuasion as a sales tactic. They let their passion do the selling for them. Steve Jobs didn’t need to convince you or persuade you to purchase Apple’s products. His passion and confidence in those products was easy to not only see but feel.

Never forget this:

Passion attracts sales

Persuasion convinces sales

There are far too many businesses trying their hardest to convince people to purchase their product or service. Yes, you have to sell and yes you have to market your business. But if you lack passion and confidence in what you do then you’ll always be trying to persuade people to purchase. This can be very exhausting as well as time consuming.

The problem with persuasion is that it can often turn into desperation. Once desperation sets in marketing turns into being pushy and often times sneaky. If you believe in what you’re doing 100% and feel extremely passionate about it, then under no circumstance should you hide that passion.

Passion is contagious. We love to rally behind passionate people and we feel confident making a purchase from someone who clearly believes in what they do. The more confident you are about your product or service the more confident a consumer will be in purchasing it.

No one rallies around the person or company who lacks passion.

Would you rather attract people to your brand or constantly persuade people to purchase your latest product or service?