All of your marketing efforts are trying to achieve the same thing: getting the prospect to act on something. Whether that’s to buy your product, or just sign up for your newsletter, marketing is about motivating people to take your desired action.

But there’s a problem.

Your marketing can showcase the amazing benefits and wonderful features of your product, yet some people still won’t buy. Why is that?

The reason is that your prospects don’t believe in themselves. In order for someone to buy your product, they have to believe that it will get them their desired results. You’ve known that for ages. But they also have to believe that they will actually USE it.

This is a key reason people might not be buying from you as much as you’d like.

Your prospects must believe they can achieve results!

Before someone purchases new running shoes from Nike, they must believe that they are going to run. Before someone purchases a weight-loss product, they must believe they’ll do the exercises. Before someone purchases a boat, they must believe they’ll make time to go on the water.

You could spend all day looking at examples of this. (Don’t.)

Before you can convince someone that your product is the answer to one of their problems, you must first convince them that they can overcome the problem. I can’t help someone and their business become successful if they aren’t convinced that they can do it.

There are numerous components that go into a successful marketing campaign. This is the most overlooked component. Spend more time helping prospects see how they can do it and you’ll be able to spend less time trying to convince them that you have the answer.

ukmcbo via Compfight cc