The value of a blog post doesn’t come from remembering these words. In a few days, you won’t remember what you’re reading right now. The value comes from what you think as a result of this post.

Motivation is a big business.

Everywhere you look there are people trying to motivate you to do something. This post is no different, by the way. People are trying to motivate you to buy something. To watch something. To listen to something.

With all this effort to get you motivated to act, you would think it be easier to motivate yourself. Don’t wait for others to motivate you. That’s what low-achievers do.

The difference between someone who “wishes” and someone who “does” is motivation and attitude.

You’ll never be able to self-motivate yourself to action if you allow others to bring you down. I’m guilty of this myself. You come across someone with a negative attitude or skewed view on success and poof! All the air lets out of your sails.

Understand this truth: no one can demotivate you unless you allow them to.

Contrary to popular belief, doing what you love doesn’t equal consistent motivation. You’ll still have ups and downs. Good days and bad.

My friend Eric Poulin loves what he does. He happens to do it well, being in the top of his field. It’s no surprise to me that one of his best habits or skill is his ability to motivate himself. His success doesn’t come just because he’s having fun at his work. It comes because of his attitude and ability to self-motivate.

When you’re struggling to motivate yourself and you find yourself procrastinating there are two easy things you can do.

The first is to motivate others. When you pour yourself into others it uplifts you. You know helping others makes you feel good about yourself, and motivating others is no different. When you can influence and inspire someone to take action towards their goal, you can’t help but motivate yourself.

I often find myself fired up after chatting with a friend or fellow entrepreneur about their dreams and goals. Encouraging them makes me think of my own goals. Motivate yourself by motivating others.

Another way is to engage deeply in what you’re doing. It’s hard to stay motivated on the sidelines. Look at this backup quarterback who’s clearly losing motivation because Peyton Manning likes to keep playing even when his team is winning by 500 points.

It’s important you stay engaged in your goals. That’s where inspiration and motivation hang out. Understand what I’m saying here. The reason failure demotivates you is that you retreat to the sidelines.

One little mistake and you put your journey on pause. You begin to rethink everything. It becomes difficult to take action again when you’re so far removed from the path you were on.

When you can self-motivate, you can overcome any obstacle. It comes down to having the right attitude and being able to get yourself to act.

Like any good skill or habit, this takes practice. And today is the perfect day to start practicing. Don’t wait to be “in the zone” before you get a lot done. Get yourself in the zone now.