One of earliest pieces of advice I received in my entrepreneurial career was that successful people make quick decisions. I realized right then if I didn’t do something I was screwed. I couldn’t make a decision back then to save my life. In fact, I’m sad to admit that I’ve sat in my car for 30 minutes before trying to decide which fast food restaurant I wanted to go to. (I went with Taco Bell, in case you’re wondering…and I know you are.)

In full disclosure I still don’t make some decisions quickly. But these days it’s little things that don’t matter. In my business, I make quick decisions and have gotten over my fear of making the wrong decision and spending days evaluating what to do.

So how did I do it? More importantly how can you learn to make quick decisions?

The first thing you need to understand is that the longer you delay making a decision the worse things are. Maybe you’ve been delaying getting that website up or launching that new product or whatever. You go back and forth trying to figure out the best website, which autoresponder service to use, what profile pic to use on Twitter, and so on.

The result is that you spend all of this time “thinking” and not enough time “doing”. You need to stop it immediately.

When I’m consulting clients on their brand I often find them spinning in circles, not sure of where to take their brand and business. The result is wasted time and falling behind. So I get them on the track of making decisions big or small right away.

And you need to do the same.

Think of all of those things you’re “gonna do” “need to do” and “should do” that you’re not. And the reason you’re not is because you’re sweating over the minutia. What if I make the wrong choice? What if I should have went a different direction? Those are good questions. But here’s what I’ve realized…

You can go back and correct the decisions you’ve made.

Yep. It’s true.

I used to be so afraid of making the wrong decision. I didn’t want to be “stuck”. But I’m not stuck. And you’re not stuck. Isn’t that great?

Don’t wait for that perfect solution to present itself. Don’t wait for everything to be right. Don’t say “let me think about it”. Start making decisions and you’ll immediately start moving forward. You’re not locked into a decision for life. It’s not the end of the world if you’re wrong.

Just decide. Then go out and do it.