Ideas are a dime a dozen. You probably think of new ideas weekly if not daily.

The process is usually the same. Inspiration hits you in the form of an idea while you’re in the shower or driving down the road. You immediately fall in love with the idea because you’re brilliant and there’s no way your idea stinks. The next step is usually nothing. No action. No strategic thought.

Most great ideas die in the mind. They never see the light of day. The reasons why people don’t act on their ideas are numerous, but this post isn’t about why people don’t take action.

This post is for you to know what to do once you’ve got an idea you’re excited about.

Take Guessing Out Of The Equation

When you have an idea you assume a lot of things about it. You assume that it will work, that it won’t work, that people will like/support it, that it will cost money, that you don’t have the time, and so on.

Make a list of all of the assumptions, good and bad, about the idea. From there work quickly to confirm or eliminate each of those assumptions. Test the idea. Discover the realities of it. This will give you immense clarity on how viable your idea really is.

Take Time To Think Through Your Ideas

No one claims to get their best ideas at work yet no one gives themselves proper time to focus on their idea. Your most creative insights come when you’re alone. Schedule solitude! Get away from everything with a ‘power button’.

I like to schedule time to do nothing but think through my ideas. I sit down with nothing but a pen and paper in front of me. There’s no agenda except to brainstorm ideas. It will give you great clarity when you put special focus on ideas rather than hoping inspiration hits you while you’re doing something else.

(Side note: This post was inspired by an idea I had during time I scheduled to work through ideas. I wrote this entire post out by hand first as I was just getting everything out of my head in the moment. If I didn’t give it proper time, it would still be a “I need to write about that sometime” idea.)

Don’t Just Plan. Schedule.

Without action your million dollar idea is a zero dollar idea. One of the roadblocks you’ve likely faced is that you’ve planned your idea to death. Then you don’t know what to do next.

Planning is a great sign of what you intend to do. Your schedule is a great sign of what you’re actually going to do.

Schedule the action steps you need to take to make your idea a reality. Get them on the calendar. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is that the idea becomes real. What is on your schedule is real.

I’ve listed out every milestone I need to hit to make an idea reality before. Some of those milestones we’re two years away. I still scheduled it. There’s a lot of confidence and momentum in knowing you’re ideas are seeing the light of day.

Next time you have a great idea don’t let it be. Make time to sit down and strategically think about it. Give your ideas the attention they deserve.