How To Annoy Your Social Media Audience In 7 Easy Steps

It’s true that no one is perfect. Some of us are a lot closer than others, but ultimately we all have our flaws. It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote this post: 7 Ways To Murder Your Brand With Social Media. Consider this post to be the sequel.

Social media hasn’t changed. Some people use it wisely, while others destroy their brand in massive fashion. The mistake I see being made daily is when people are completely unaware of how little things they do affect their brand.

I’ve said this a thousand times: EVERYTHING YOU DO IS BRANDING.

You should never take your audience for granted. The attention they give you is a gift. Be alert when you’re using social media. Everything you do either works for your brand or against it.

Here’s 7 ways you’re getting on your social media audiences nerves…

Step 1: “Like” your own Facebook status. We know you like it…you wrote it.

Step 2: Retweeting compliments. We get it…you’re excited someone likes you. But you wouldn’t go around offline saying “guess what so-and-so just said about me”. And if you would do that, you’re my mother-in-law. Doing this in moderation is one thing, doing this every time someone says anything that resembles a compliment is another…and annoying.

Step 3: Connecting every social network together. You’re lazy. We totally understand that. But the language doesn’t cross over. That’s right…your #hashtag on Facebook looks stupid. Stop it.

Step 4: Adding “please RT” to your tweets. This reeks of desperation. If you want someone to RT something then create something worth sharing. (and for the record, I know that adding “please rt” does statistically increase your number of RT’s. But it also statistically increases you looking sad.)

Step 5: Retweeting breaking news…3 days after it broke. You may not check social media sites daily, but it’s safe to assume your audience does.

Step 6: Complaining. Yes, I see the irony that I’m complaining here. Annoying isn’t it? Your audience doesn’t want your negativity thrown on them. Everyone has problems and your audience cares infinitely more about their own than they care about yours.

Step 7: Slamming political parties. Want to tell the world how much you hate (insert any party here)? CONGRATS! You just alienated 1/2 of your audience. It’s okay to share your political opinions without bashing the person you’re against.

One offense won’t send your audience heading for the hills. Multiple offenses that are repeated often however, will cause your audience to not be so tolerant.

Photo by Reid Rosenberg

  • Jennifer Nash

    I have stated each of these to clients over and over and over again. Some of them get it very quickly while others never do. For the latter, I just shake my head and reluctantly consider them a lost cause.

  • John Morgan

    Haha! Keep fighting the good fight :)

  • Candice Lepage

    Liking your own Facebook status is very much my pet peeve. It happens when you have two or more people administering a business page. One person posts and the other hits like. Ugh, there are ways around that and it’s not that freaking difficult!

  • John Morgan

    Very true Candice. And sadly, it also happens because some marketers are teaching people to ‘Like’ their own status because they think no one wants to be first. 

  • David Frey

    John, all those are great. I follow one guy who is very well known on Twitter that is a professional complainer. He makes a living out of complaining how people do things wrong on social media. Why I haven’t unfriended him yet is beyond me cause his posts annoy the crap out of me.

  • David Frey

    Wow, I just went to your home page and what do you know…there’s a video of the guy I’m talking about and guess what…in the video he called everyone in social media a jackass (except himself of course). There you have it. Just as I said. The is a professional complainer and criticizer and is well…a jackass himself. (oops, now I just complained).

  • John Morgan

    haha, I know I’m guilty of complaining more often than I would like. It really hit home when someone met me for the first time offline and was shocked that I was such a happy and positive person. I try not to complain too much, except for this post LOL!

  • sarah

    you used the wrong ‘your’ in step 3

  • John Morgan

    Thanks Sarah! 

  • Dawn Goodsell

    Hey John!  Great post…once again you nailed it!  I’ll add #8…when someone publicly corrects your spelling, grammar, etc…hey, we are human!  I bet even those #8 kind of peeps make simple mistakes once in awhile! 

  • John Morgan

    haha Dawn you rock! I don’t mind someone correcting my grammar mistakes especially when I make a fair share of them. I will say most do so privately, but when it happens I can’t help but think of this tweet from comedian Jim Gaffigan: “Whenever you correct someone’s grammar just remember that nobody likes you.” 

  • Greg

    Well, I don’t care if I lose the Tea Party audience. 

  • Leah Mackey

    Great post! How about instead of RTing compliment you you favorite them?  There is your always available and updated customer testimonials.

  • John Morgan


  • John Morgan

    Absolutely! That’s all I use my favorites for. 

  • Leah Mackey

    I probably stole that idea from you and tricked myself into thinking I thought of it on my own. Ha!  But, really… that is what I do for my social care clients.  When potential clients ask me for “success stories” or mini case studies of bad tweets gone good that is where I point them.

  • John Morgan

    Haha, I’d love to take credit for it but I got it from somebody along the way as well. I love how you point them to it. 

  • Marc Scott

    I want to personally deliver this post to half the people I follow. So many great tips! I’m still getting retweets in my feed that a Robin Gibb died.

  • Janice mobsby

    Hi John,
     I’m only gulty of one, liking my own status on fb..I sometimes do this, but then I do not advertise on facebook.. It’s only for family and friends.

    I will say I agree on all..As for RT your’re tweets, It really bugs the heck out of me.It’s cool to RT, but you don’t have to be told. Is that DUMB are what??

  • John Morgan

    I feel your pain. I had someone tweet the news of Michael Jackson’s passing 17 days after the fact. 

  • TechPlanIT

    Awesome!  Always love reading your blog posts. Makes me chuckle when I read it. Plus great content.  Keep it up John.

  • John Morgan

    Thanks man! I really appreciate that!!!

  • TechPlanIT

    I swear, one day when the money is rolling in I will hire you to sit in my office for like a week and just talk. I’ll hit record and maybe by the end you will have another book.

  • John Morgan

    haha! Sounds like a plan. Heck, it may be the only way I write a second book :)

  • TechPlanIT

     Lol! I’d definitely want a discount on my copy.

  • Jamesyaminb