You may have noticed a fancy new look to this site. What you don’t know is the story behind how it came about and what business lessons evolved from this. 

When my book Brand Against The Machine was released, my friend Chris Brogan interviewed me about it. One of the chapters Chris and I talked about was chapter 33 called “Why Your Website Sucks”. The chapter discusses how most websites are nothing more than a fancy online brochure and don’t generate leads effectively.

All of the traffic in the world won’t do you a bit of good if your website doesn’t compel prospects to get on your email list, contact you or buy something.

One of the reasons a vast majority of websites out there are just a brochure, is that there are far too many website designers who don’t understand marketing. Sure, they can make a site look cool, but looking cool doesn’t always equal people subscribing to your email list or purchasing your products/services.

This is where Matt Medeiros comes in. Matt is the Director and Project Manager at Slocum Design Studio. After watching the interview of Chris Brogan and I, Matt took offense to some of the things I said. He wasn’t about to let someone as mouthy as I am bash websites and designers in general.

So he let me know his opinions on the matter and while it seemed we were disagreeing, we were actually on the same side of things.

Having a website that effectively generates business AND has a great design isn’t an either or thing. You can achieve both.

Unlike a lot of people who would waste their time going back and forth in an online argument and achieving nothing, Matt and I got to work. We hopped on Skype and discussed what a website would need in order to generate leads and look awesome.

And then Matt did something very few people in business do…he put his money where his mouth is.

Matt and his team went to work on designing a WordPress theme based off of what I felt a theme should entail. This means having specific areas for multiple call-to-actions, proper branding and a nice clean look.

The result is the theme you’re looking at right now (unless your reading this on your phone, in which case you are reading the mobile friendly version of this site…another important element to website design).

While I’m thrilled with the new look of this site, what’s really exciting is that you can have it as well. Matt didn’t want me having ALL the fun, so he rolled out “The John Morgan Marketing Theme” which his team created based on my specifications.

There are a few important lessons from all of this you should take note of:

    1. When someone disagrees with you, don’t respond with anger. Start a conversation. You may miss out on a great business relationship and more importantly, a great friendship.
    2. Put your money where your mouth is. It’s one thing to talk a good game, it’s another to live it.
    3. Communication with your customers is critical to success. The entire team at Slocum Studios did a phenominal job with this. They kept me up to date every single step of the way and answered every question I had in less than 24 hours. And I had a LOT of questions/requests.
    4. Before you spend a ton of money on a fancy website design, think of your goals and make sure the website meets those goals.
    5. A website that doesn’t generate leads is about as effective as a business card.
    6. Give each page of your website pages the same attention & focus as your home page.

If you’d like a theme just like mine, that focuses on branding, lead generation, and awesomeness, it’s easy…just click here and get it.

That’s not an affiliate link. The only thing I get when you purchase this theme is an “atta boy” from my friends and a “oh, neat” from my wife. You deserve a good looking site and you deserve a site that works.

While I still have some minor tweaks I’m making, results have started right away. I had more email signs up over the weekend, just after the new theme went live, than ever before. Now that’s the kind of website design I like.


Photo by Elton Harding