Attention. Everyone’s fighting for it, few are getting it.

Even worse, most businesses don’t know what to do with it when they get it. It’s a wasted opportunity and it needs to stop.

People are bored to death. We (meaning me and the rest of the world) are begging to be entertained. No one wants to do business with a boring company. We are looking for something worth talking about.

Is your business worth talking about?

  • Do something with the attention you receive. It’s a gift.
  • Make doing business with you a pleasurable experience.
  • Make the process of doing business with you FUN.
  • For all that is holy, show some personality!!!

    Your business doesn’t have to be silly, but it doesn’t have to put people at risk of dying of boredom either.

    WOW us. Get us to visit your site? WOW us. Get us to view your video? WOW us. Get us to visit your store? WOW us. Get us to follow you on Twitter? WOW us. Get us to attend your presentation at an event? WOW us. Get us sign up on your email list? WOW us. Get us to respond to your ad? WOW us.

    Amazon is a great example to look at. They WOW us with their selection, prices, proof, ease of use, and fast fulfillment. It’s fun to do business with Amazon. I don’t dread going to their site to shop.

    When you get someone’s attention, you’d better follow through on your promises, and you’d better make it worth their time. Even if what you sell isn’t extremely exciting, you can still make it fun. You can make it a great experience for people.

    Brands that focus on delivering an amazing experience are the ones that win. (Tweet this.)

    Attention is scarce so you’d better be prepared to do something with when you get it.