8 Traits Of Remarkably Successful Brands

Let’s face it, very few brands are remarkable. Fortunately, those who are leave clues as to how they mastered a level of success most brands only dream about.  In the past 10+ years of working with brands, I’ve noticed several recurring traits of those who are truly remarkable.

There are many, but I want to give you these 8 core traits to incorporate into your business and allow you to add your own. Here ya go:

1. Innovative:

Great brands focus on innovation. They avoid becoming stagnant and complacent. They never stop pushing. Coca-Cola is one of the world’s oldest and most successful brands. Yet, they continue to focus on innovation and improvement. Great brands don’t settle on their current level of success and neither should you.

2. Focused:

Truly remarkable brands are always the most focused. They know what they do and they focus on doing it well. They aren’t worried about what the guy next to them is doing. They have blinders on. They know where they are going and that’s all they think about.

3. Passionate:

Remarkable brands not only love what they do, they love why they are doing it. It’s their passion that keeps them moving and pushing forward. Passion is greatly under-rated in business. Passion is what gets you through the late nights working through a challenge. Also, passion is contagious. Your clients want to catch it, so you’d better have it.

4. Consistent:

This really goes without saying. Successful brands are consistent. You can rely on them. You can trust them. They step up to the plate every single time. It’s part of what makes them remarkable. If you’re inconsistent then you’re opening a door for your customers to go somewhere else.

5. Flexible:

Great brands are willing to change and adapt. You must be willing to as well. Virgin and Apple are not the same companies today as when they started. Heck, BMW got its start making airplane engines, and because of their willingness to be flexible and adapt, became a luxury automobile brand.

6. Competitive:

 All great brands have a strong competitive spirit. They use it to motivate themselves. Competition is good for businesses and great for customers. It makes you step up your game and improve your product/service.

7. Leadership:

Behind every great brand is a great leader. But what makes a brand truly remarkable is when their leaders creates a culture of leaders. Don’t be afraid to be a leader. It’s amazing how quickly a following appears when a leader shows up.

8. Distinction:

The best brands have something that makes them remarkable. Something that is different than everyone else. Something that makes them stand out. Without some level of distinction, you can never become a remarkable brand.

You owe it to yourself to ensure your own brand is built with these same traits. As I mentioned before, these are just a foundation. Don’t let that cause you to under-value the importance of these traits. Every great brand is built on a strong foundation. The next move is up to you.

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  • Andrea Sangster

    Helpful summary. Which do you think is the MOST important characteristic, John?

  • Carol

    Love the clarity of this list.  But, is there a #9 for customer/client caring?  With the emphasis on relationship marketing vs. just making sales, where does the customer/client fit in on your list?  It may be unspoken that customer/client caring overlaps ALL your traits of “Remarkably Successful Brands.”

  • http://www.wmarkthompson.com W. Mark Thompson

    Good stuff! I need to print this and mail it to the oil change service center that called me “Boss” like it was my real name. Not sure they’d “get” the message. But it may just make ME feel better. hmmm… I wonder if that’s how they train those guys…

  • http://www.JohnMichaelMorgan.com John Morgan

    But Mark you are BOSS!

  • http://www.JohnMichaelMorgan.com John Morgan

    Great question Carol. I think caring should be a given for any business that wants to be successful. Sadly, we live in a world where caring just a little bit makes you stand out.

  • http://www.JohnMichaelMorgan.com John Morgan

    Tough question Andrea! I’d say it’s a 3-way tie between distinction, flexibility, and focus. 

  • http://mattreport.com Matt Medeiros

    I know in my business, I’m always trying to innovate. You can’t be stagnant anymore or you will just get eaten up. 

    Dare to change the mold!

  • Janicemobsby

    Love your 8 traits…To be successful these days you have to have your own brand..
    Thanks for the info..

  • Macarena

    Great tips and excellent recommendations.  All of them completely true.

  • http://www.stephenmelancon.com/ Stephen Melancon

    Great post, John! I think you nailed it with these 8 foundational traits. You also gave me a good reset here to evaluate how I am performing with each trait. Thanks…. I needed that.

    Keep cranking out the awesome content!

  • http://www.JohnMichaelMorgan.com John Morgan

    Thanks Janice!

  • http://www.JohnMichaelMorgan.com John Morgan

    Glad you found it valuable Stephen! 

  • rmsorg

    John, great blog!!  Love #3 because it’s that Passion that Inspires. Also focusing on your WHY connects those with the same values to your brand!

    Thanks for posting!