7 things achievers never do

Have you ever wondered how top achievers spend their time? I can tell you that there are many things they do to be successful. What is just as important yet overlooked, are the key things they don’t do.

In this post, I’ll share 7 things top achievers never do that will help you stay on the path to success.

    • Achievers don’t play the blame game when it comes to their success.  The person responsible for the results you’re getting is in the mirror. You can’t blame other people and outside circumstances for your poor beliefs and behaviors. 7 things achievers never do


    • Achievers don’t sit around waiting for success to find them. Have you ever caught yourself waiting for success to show up? Success isn’t playing hide-n-seek with you. If you want it, you have to take action every single day to achieve it.


    • Achievers don’t take forever to make a decision. When faced with a decision it’s best to decide and act rather than wait around trying to choose. Paralysis through analysis isn’t a habit you want. You can always correct decisions that were wrong. But the time lost trying to decide you can never get back.


    • Achievers don’t believe in their fears. Don’t feel guilty about having fear. Everyone I’ve ever worked with has fears. Regardless of what level of achievement they have obtained. This doesn’t mean they play into those fears. Your fears can’t hurt you, but believing in them can.


    • Achievers don’t try to do it all themselves. You can’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re going to need it. Achievers also delegate what they are weak at and what they don’t have time for. Remember, the key to delegation is to delegate the task, not the responsibility.


    • Achievers don’t allow themselves to get distracted. You have to stay focused on the big picture. Things are going to get tough and when they do, you can’t allow distractions in. Fight with all your might against distractions and interruptions.


  • Achievers don’t chase only the big wins. Success is a process, not an event. Achievers focus on having small wins every day. You shouldn’t base the success of a goal on a single win. It’s a cumulative effort.

At one point in my life, I was too concerned with what to do to be successful. It never occurred to me to check what I should stop doing. This list will help you tighten up your beliefs and behaviors. Each area you master makes you that much closer to the achievements you’re after.