Does your brand command trust? If you want it to be a success then it must. Business doesn’t happen without a certain level of trust. Don’t underestimate the importance of trust in branding.

When you build trust it’s easier to market your brand. When prospects don’t trust you, it takes twice as long and costs twice as much to convert them into a customer.

Here are 4 keys to establishing trust with your audience:


Nothing speaks louder than a proven track record. If you, your product, or your service do what you say it will do then you will establish a certain level of trust with your prospects. Results give customers piece of mind in doing business with you. Results let them know you’re a safe choice because your product/service fulfills its promises. If your brand has a great track record of getting results then showcase it.


Next up is being consistent. Don’t make the mistake of over-looking this simple, yet effective key to establishing trust. Your product/service must deliver EVERY SINGLE TIME you step up to the plate. Reliable and predictable results comfort your prospects. It’s no secret that the most successful brands in the world are also the most consistent. You must have strong levels of consistency in all areas of your business: service, price, follow-up, content, performance, values, and so on.


I’ve mentioned the importance of confidence before and it’s needed here as well. If you don’t have confidence in your brand, don’t expect anyone else to either. A confident person is easy to trust. Do you want to do business with someone who says “I think we can help you” or someone who says “We can help you“? Trust is all about confidence. When someone trusts you that means they have confidence in you. If you don’t have it in yourself then it’s almost impossible for them to have it in you.


This is probably the most over-looked element of establishing trust. People want to know what you’re up to. If your marketing a free event or giving away a free book or whatever, people want to know WHY! What’s your angle? Most likely it is to make a sale and that’s perfectly acceptable as long as you’re not hiding your intent. You should have nothing to hide and therefore have no reason to not be upfront and clear about your agenda in any situation. When someone doesn’t know your intentions they are skeptical and distrusting of you.

The more people trust your brand the more success you’ll have. It’s as simple as that, IF you make building trust part of your focus. There are many factors when it comes to establishing trust but these 4 are necessary if you want a trust-worthy brand.

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