How To Get The Most Out Of The Questions You Ask

It has been said that there are no stupid questions. Whoever originally said that has never watched a movie with my mother. There are stupid questions and that’s okay. What’s not okay is the fear of asking questions you are afraid will make you look bad. Sure, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. [...]

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Holding back

12 People Keeping You From Success

Could it be true that there is a group of people keeping you from success? I can assure you that it’s true. Now, you may be thinking that I’m referring to your competition, your spouse, or maybe even your parents. Hang on to your seat because the only person I’m actually referring to is YOU. [...]

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Man in the great depression era

7 Signs You’re Destined To Fail

History is full of people who are ambitious, creative, and complete failures. The newest idea, technology, trend or strategy are worthless. Why? Because there’s something else you must figure out first or nothing will work. You will sabotage yourself. You see, there are certain principles that if screwed up will cause you to fail regardless [...]

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John Michael Morgan & Andy Andrews

Success Lessons From A Former Homeless Man

How do you go from being homeless living under a pier to a NY Times best-selling author of multiple books and being invited to speak at the White House a handful of times? Well, hopefully that’s not your situation because you wouldn’t be reading this if you were homeless. But that’s the exact situation of [...]

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John Michael Morgan & Brooke Morgan

How To Be Married To An Entrepreneur

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…your environment has a huge impact on your success. Your spouse is a major part of your environment. It’s not easy being married to an entrepreneur. Your better half has to put up with the late nights, crazy ideas, and the constant checking of email. [...]

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One thing

Everyone In Your Life Wants One Thing From You

No one ever talks about it but it’s there. Intensely burning within every person on the planet regardless of their age, sex, race, status, or job. Everyone wants it and they want it from you. I’m talking about RECOGNITION. Everyone wants to be recognized and acknowledged. This is why a simple smile, making eye contact, [...]

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What will you give up for success?

What You Have To Give Up To Be Successful

There’s something you need to know if you want to achieve success. It has nothing to do with what skills you must learn, the education you may need, or the resources you have to tap into. If you want success you need to know what you’re willing to give up to achieve it. For most, [...]

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