Today Not Tomorrow

How To Motivate Yourself To Action

The value of a blog post doesn’t come from remembering these words. In a few days, you won’t remember what you’re reading right now. The value comes from what you think as a result of this post. Motivation is a big business. Everywhere you look there are people trying to motivate you to do something. […]

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Opportunity Knocks

How To Seize Opportunities

Can you look back and say you’ve seized every opportunity that has ever presented itself before you? I’ve yet to meet anyone who can say that they have, and I’m willing to bet you haven’t either. Is it that you missed the opportunities altogether or that you knew they were there, but couldn’t take advantage […]

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Success Test

Success Test: How Successful Will You Be?

Brace yourself. Distractions and interruptions are coming and they don’t care about your ambition or goals. Right now, as you read this more emails, texts, notifications, and “emergencies” are getting ready to test you. How well you handle distractions will greatly determine how successful you will be. Anyone and everyone, anything and everything, will get […]

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Is Your Excuse Worth It?

Is Your Excuse Worth Your Success?

There’s one word I’m not fond of when it comes to success and achievement. I’m talking about the word “IF”. When a person is talking about why they haven’t achieved something and they begin the sentence with “If” you can be assured that every word that comes after it is an excuse. IF things were […]

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Serving your audience

8 Ways To Make Your Audience Love You

You fight tooth and nail to build your audience. Yet in many cases they give attention but not their focus. They’re aware of you, but they aren’t connected to you. It’s not your fault. For years you’ve been taught to “add value” by creating content as much as you can. When those results start leveling […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of The Questions You Ask

It has been said that there are no stupid questions. Whoever originally said that has never watched a movie with my mother. There are stupid questions and that’s okay. What’s not okay is the fear of asking questions you are afraid will make you look bad. Sure, everyone wants to put their best foot forward. […]

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Holding back

12 People Keeping You From Success

Could it be true that there is a group of people keeping you from success? I can assure you that it’s true. Now, you may be thinking that I’m referring to your competition, your spouse, or maybe even your parents. Hang on to your seat because the only person I’m actually referring to is YOU. […]

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